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_Online Screening Services

At PRIGATOR we offer online research and web detective services. Our work consists of collecting digital evidence. We conduct research in which the collected information is very sensitive. That is why it is of the utmost importance that the information we obtain is legally valid against international and national laws. We guarantee full compliance with all legal and deontological rules.


We understand how information is structured online on the WWW 'world wide web' - whether it is Open, Deep or Dark Web. And have experience with finding information online. We can find relevant facts for you and translate this into usable intelligence.


We will conduct a research quickly, efficiently and discretely to meet your needs.

_Personal Online Privacy


_Specialized Advisory

We help people and companies take back control of their privacy by removing  personal unwanted  information from the internet. We can identify the best method to have your private details removed from public databases that store profiles on all of us.

‚ÄčIf your question can be dealt with, we will prepare an offer for approval. Legally, we can only start after a written contract that describes the scope, purpose and desired result for our research has been signed. We treat your questions with full discretion, empathy, understanding and professionalism to help you understand your situation and find the best solution.


  • Cybersecurity awareness training 

  • How-to hide from the internet

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